golf course

NarroWay on the Fairway

Golf Tournament

March 20, 2023
Firethorne Country Club
Marvin NC

Scramble Format
$175 per player

golf course

Golf Tournament

March 20, 2023
Firethorne Country Club
Marvin NC

Scramble Format
$175 per player

NarroWay on the Fairway takes place on the magnificent private course at Firethorne Country Club. The tournament format is a non-flighted scramble, allowing teammates to play the "best ball." Each team competes against the entire field of teams. The day includes special events, prizes and more!

Contests with fabulous prizes-
Scotty Cameron putter, range finder, Garmin watch and more!

at Firethorne Country Club

1108 Firethorne Club Drive
Marvin NC 28173


  • Breakfast available at 9:45am
  • 18-hole tournament
  • Special contests throughout course
  • Silent auction
  • Dinner following the tournament
  • Awards ceremony


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Tournament Begins

Banquet Meal and Awards


  • Swag bags for all participants
  • Individual prizes for each contest
  • Grand prize for winning team


Teams will consist of 3-4 players. Teams registering with less than four players may have additional players assigned at the discrection of the tournament director. Individuals registering for the tournament will be assisgned to a team of four. Teams of three will have one player take two shots per hole. The three players must take turns hitting the additional shot.

Scramble Basics

A scramble allows teammates to play the course in a best ball format. Each team member hits a tee shot at every hole. The team decides which ball is in the best position and marks that position with a tee, marker or coin. All players reposition their balls and play from the new position. Repeat the procedure for each shot until the ball is holed. The best score for each hole is added to the team's scorecard. The team with the lowest total score wins the tournament.

Tournament Rules

  • The tournment will be played in a scramble format.
  • Teams shall consist of 3-4 players. Teams registering less than 4 players may be assigned an additional player at the discretion of the tournament director.
  • Teams of 3 must evenly alternate in taking the additional shot to complete the foursome.
  • Each team must use a minimum of two tee shots from each player.
  • Once the best shot is selected, players may vary their lie within one club length of the original, but may not place the ball closer to the hole. This rule applies throughout the course excepting hazards and putting greens.
  • When the best shot selected is in a hazard or a rough, all members of the team must play their shot from the hazard / rough.
  • On the putting green, players may vary their lie within 3 inches of the original shot selected, but not closer to the hole.
  • Balls lost and / or hit out of bounds result in a one stroke penalty and replay of the shot.
  • Players may have up to 3 minutes to search before a ball is deemed lost.
  • Players may have a maximum of 14 clubs in the golf bag.
  • Players must tee off behind and between the appropriate tee markers; never in front of the tee markers.
  • Tees in play include the following:
    • Sedgefield, Males under age 60
    • Gold, Players age 60 and older
    • Green, Females only
  • When putting, the ball must not hit the flag. Doing so results in a two-stroke penalty.
  • Hole marshals have full authority to enforce tournament rules and regulations.
  • At the green, carts should be parked between the green and the next tee on the cart path.
  • Replace divets and repair ball marks on the greens.
  • Use rakes prior to leaving bunkers. Leave rakes outside bunkers when finished.
  • Proper attire is required for all golfers at all times. Proper attire includes:
    • Collared shirt (or turtleneck) with sleeves.
    • Slacks; knee-length skirts or skorts; capris; or Bermuda-length shorts.
    • Golf shoes are preferred, however, tennis shoes are acceptable.
    • Hats and sun glasses are acceptable.
    • No denim.
    • No tank tops, halters, t-shirts, swimwear or cutoffs.
    • No metal spikes
  • Mulligans and skirts may be purchased as described below, however, neither may be used on contest holes.
  • All players must play fair.
  • Players must observe proper golf etiquette.
  • Spectators are permitted, however, carts may not be available for spectators. All spectators must observe proper golf etiquette.
  • A valid driver's license is required to operate golf carts.
  • No personal coolers are permitted on the course. Beverage carts will be available.
  • NarroWay on the Fairway is a dry event. No alcohol is permitted at the tournament.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all common golf rules apply.

Special Purchases

  • Mulligans - $30 for two
    Purchasing a mulligan allows for a second opportunity with no penalty when the first has gone awry. Mulligans may be purchased at the price of two for $30 and may be used at any shot on the course. Mulligans may be used by any member on the team. Mulligans may not be used on contest holes.
  • Skirts - $100 for two
    Purchasing a skirt entitles the golfer to tee off at the forward tees (Green tees) on any hole. Skirts purchased at two for $100 may be used by any member on the team on any hole. Each skirt entitles the golfer to one tee-off at the forward tee. (ie: purchasing four skirts enables a member of the team to tee off at the forward tees on four occassions). The individual using the skirt must wear the skirt when teeing off. Skirts may not be used on contest holes.
  • Mulligan / Skirt Combo - $50 for two mulligans and one skirt
    Two mulligans plus one skirt may be purchased for $50. Mulligans and skirts are transferable to any member of the team. Neither mulligans nor skirts may be used on contest holes.


  • Avoid slow pace of play. Take time for your shot, but don't be slow. Be prepared to hit your shot on your turn. Every attempt should be made to maintain your team's proper position on the course.
  • Maintain the course. Replace your divots. Rake the bunker. Repair pitch marks or indentations on the green.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship and be courteous. Behave as politely as possible in all situations. Never throw clubs in anger, swear or allow frustration to result in unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Silence is golden. When someone is hitting a shot, remain silent. If carrying a cell phone, keep the phone on silent at all times. Avoid technology and stay off your phone.
  • Be aware of your shadow. Make sure your shadow doesn't fall across another player, the player's putting line or the hole.
  • Practice safety. Do not hit the ball until you are certain the team ahead of you is safely out of range. If a ball in motion appears to be headed toward another player, quickly and loudly shout, "Fore!" Never swing in the direction of another player.
  • Operate carts responsibly. Do not drive on or around the tees or greens. Avoid damaging the course with the cart. Stay within the parameters set by the course.

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