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Our mission is to inspire greatness and instill virtue in people of all ages by creating world-class, Christian entertainment.
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NarroWay Productions is one of the few continuous running Christian theatre companies in the world. "The Broadway of Christian Entertainment," NarroWay is the premier Christian theatre of the south.
Currently celebrating 25 years of world-class entertainment, this non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization was incorporated in South Carolina in 1996 under the leadership and vision of K. Rebecca Martin and Yvonne H. Clark. Today, NarroWay is a major contender in the tourism industry with guests traveling from all over the United States.

NarroWay features Martin & Clark's original Broadway-style shows year-round. Every show includes a delicious dinner served by the performing cast and guests are treated to southern hospitality at its finest.

NarroWay also offers mystery theatre shows, children's field trips, summer camps and homeschool theatre classes.

Entertainment is changing the world. NarroWay is changing entertainment. More than 450 volunteers serve with this purpose.

Find out more on the NarroWay website at narroway.net.

We believe...

  • People have unlimited possibilities for good as endowed by the One, True God.
  • People have a deep desire to achieve excellence and excellence is its own reward. 
  • People would rather feel purpose than pleasure and that purpose, in fact, inspires a higher form of pleasure.
  • People can and will overcome social, racial, generational and gender differences when united (as a team) to accomplish a noble task.
  • We can change the world one life at a time.

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